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The Twelve Timbers folks make all of their pieces to order (most at their Utah woodshop), so your items aren't sitting in a warehouse — they're created only after you have placed your order through woodbloom®. Because all of their work is "custom" in this way Twelve Timbers items are NOT returnable nor refundable, so please make your choices carefully.

We can order virtually anything for you which Twelve Timbers makes.

The turnaround time for most Twelve Timbers items is currently 4 weeks. Personalized signs may take longer.

Please make sure you read about how Twelve Timbers items are ordered and shipped.

color & font information

For a closer look at the fonts and colors, click on the image above.

Once you decide on a color we strongly encourage you to see examples of these colors as they appear on Twelve Timbers products. To do so, please click on the color choices below. Remember that Twelve Timbers items are not returnable nor refundable...

Funky Green Rustic Red Bright Pink
Funky Pink Rustic Olive Bright Green
Funky Blue Rustic Blue Bright Blue
Funky Yellow Rustic Mustard Bright Orange
Funky Purple Rustic Orange Bright Purple
Funky Baby Pink Rustic Off-white Christmas Red
White Rustic Black Christmas Green
Off-white Rustic Brown   
Brown Rustic Alligator Green   
   Rustic Plum   
   Rustic Buttercup   

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