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Silver Forest jewelry is American-made, by hand in Bellows Falls, Vermont. The pieces are made from surgical steel, sterling silver, brass, copper, semi-precious stones and beads. The jewelry is nickel-free. For more information on how Silver Forest makes its jewelry, click here.


woodbloom® participates in Silver Forest's
Frequent Buyer Program.

When you purchase your first piece of Silver Forest jewelry from, you'll receive a postcard containing a sticker. For each additional piece you buy, you'll get another sticker. When you accumulate five stickers on the postcard, send it into Silver Forest and you'll receive a piece of your choice for free!

Details on how to see and purchase this jewelry appears below.

Silver Forest likes to keep its styles on-trend, so we receive new pieces periodically. We have posted a series of photos on this and subsequent pages, arranged by category, which show our inventory as of March 7, 2010.

Every pair of Silver Forest earrings in our stock as of that date appears in these photos. We do not stock duplicate pairs, so if the pair is marked "sold" we no longer have it in stock. Almost all of these earrings are for people with pierced ears. However, we often have a few pairs in the "Clip-ons" category.

We update these photos as necessary. You will find links to each of the other photos, arranged by category, on this page. Click on the category you wish to see or simply click "next" to move from photo to photo.

If you have problems seeing the photo, click the "refresh" button on your browser. The photo which initially appears is quite detailed, but for a higher-definition image, click on the link below the photo. Please be patient because the resulting photos are large files which may take a bit of time to download.

Many Web browsers will allow you to zoom-in on the photos by "mousing over" the photo and left-clicking.

Above each pair of earrings you will see its price and a stock number which contains letters and numbers. In addition, for earrings which contain semi-precious stones, the specific type of stone will be identified above each pair of earrings.

Prices listed do not include shipping & handling. S & H for one pair of earrings within the United States is $3. Sending additional pairs in the same package adds approximately 50 cents per pair to S & H cost of your order.

Use the stock number when calling in your order or when using our secure online order form.

Silver Forest jewelry with angular designs

higher-definition version of this image


Silver Forest Design Categories:

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