What Color Do YOU Bleed?
What Color Do You Bleed?! A call to arms ...
the arms of proud, college-educated
blood donors, that is!

October 13, 2012, 9am - 3pm
Macadam's Bar & Grill, 5833 SW Macadam Av., Portland

This fall, on a college football Saturday in October, the American Red Cross, Macadam's Bar & Grill, the Stumptown Orange Alumni Club of Syracuse University, and more than a dozen other alumni clubs which call Macadam's home are joining forces to bolster the Portland area's blood supply.

It's the first-ever local blood drive aimed at football fans from many schools!

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Amherst Purple
Arizona State Maroon
Auburn Orange
California Gold
Georgetown Navy
Georgia Tech Yellow
Illinois Orange
Indiana Crimson
Michigan State Green
Missouri Gold
North Carolina Blue
Northwestern Purple
Oregon Green
Oregon State Orange
Purdue Gold
Syracuse Orange
Texas Orange
Texas A&M Maroon
Texas Tech Red
USC Cardinal
Utah Red
Washington Purple
Wisconsin Red
Heck, as long as you're at least 17, you can even bleed Wilson High School Green!

Regardless of your alma mater, your blood donation matters! To paraphrase that avid University of Transylvania Vampires football fan Bela Legosi, "We want your blood!"

Our goal is to find 50 pigskin fans willing to donate a unit of blood on their way into Macadam's to watch football on Oct. 13. Donating blood takes about an hour and is virtually painless. And, because your donated blood is broken down into its essential components, you're not just helping one patient, but potentially as many as three. You'll feel good about yourself, you'll get snacks after you donate, and your alumni club might just win a $200 Macadam's gift card good for a future sports gathering.

The club with the most blood donors will win the gift card, but in reality the big winners that day will be the patients we help through our blood donations.

Want to help? Please check out the donor eligibility requirements. Or call the toll-free eligibility hotline at 866.236.3276. Or, e-mail an eligibility nurse. Then sign up ahead of time for a donation appointment. You can do that at Macadam's (ask your server for the sign-up sheet) or, to do so online, click here.

Can't give or just too queasy? No problem — we can still use your help. We need some volunteers to work two-hour shifts signing donors in and making sure they're hydrated after their donation. If you'd like to staff one of these shifts, please click here to volunteer.


Please remember to eat a good meal before you donate, then give blood BEFORE you enjoy Macadam's great atmosphere, liquid refreshment and televised games.

blood donor arm It's time to roll up our sleeves and get serious!

So, let's get the rivalries going: Gang Green v. Beaver Nation ... Texas v. Texas A&M ... Illinois v. Indiana ... Syracuse v. Georgetown ... not to mention every school going against every other for that $200 gift card.

Have questions? Contact Ken Kane from the Stumptown Orange at 503.246.6462 or ken@woodbloom.com.

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